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Jaco Studio is a dynamic and innovative architectural design and consultation company in Ljubljana, the capital of SLOVENIA.

We consult for a wide variety of clients all over the world, to help bring their design ideas to life.

We achieve this through the collaboration between a variety of professionals, both locally and internationally.

Our team consists of a selection of independent consultants across several fields, from all around the world, including:

  • Architects

  • Interior Designers 

  • Real Estate Agents 

  • Graphic designers

  • Engineers

  • & Artists



Jaco Studio was started in 2014 in Cape Town, in SOUTH AFRICA

by the founder Jaco Langenhoven, an overexcited junior architect from the Western Cape's countryside. 

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South Africa
Logo png 3.png
Logo png 3.png



With a design and management background in the construction industry, we work with a critically regionalist philosophy.


This approach also include other fundamental design deliverables such as tradition, environmental impact, feasibility and a deep understanding of spatial psychology.

We are always relentless in exploring new design narratives and offering progressive architectural ideas and solutions.



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I am an adventurous architect on a mission to do awesome projects with interesting people all over the world.

Thank you for taking the time to scan through my website. I hope you saw something you liked.


I created JACOSTUDIO to connect me with interesting people all over the world, for unusual project collaborations and commissions.

I started off as a design office tea boy in 2004, after which i completed a Masters in Architecture qualification from NMMU in South Africa in 2010. Following this I worked in an award winning architecture firm in Namibia for a few years.

By 2015, I started the first Jaco Studio in South Africa. Since then  I have collaborated with, and consulted for, many other design firms and studios, whilst traveling to various corners of the earth.

I recently moved to Ljubljana to open a European branch of JACOSTUDIO.

Thus far the journey has been very challenging, but also fantastic.

If you are interested to work with us or just want to say hello, go to the CONNECT page and write us a message.