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Store Design - Annabelle Furniture & Interior Retail Space

Project: Annabelle - A new furniture and interior retail space

Location: Whale Coast Mall, Hermanus, South Africa

Project designed: 2017

Project construction and completion: December 2017

Following Jaco Studio’s recent operation in Hermanus over the last couple of months, several interesting projects have presented themselves. Annabelle, a new furniture and interior retail store, was one of them.

The project brief included the design and layout of a large furniture and decor shop, located in the Whale Coast Mall which opened in December 2017.

Only a white box was provided by the landlord, and Jaco Studio was appointed to manage the project from inception to completion.

Design Challenges included:

  • Co-ordinate the project as part of a larger operation and a collective opening day.

  • Working with a client who was not acquainted with the retail industry and typical spatial requirements.

  • Invisible services installation for dynamic mood installations

  • Eliminate the furniture-shop feeling

  • Create a sense of abundance, while removing the characteristically busy feeling furniture shops often present

  • Working with a limited budget

  • Developing 3D renders which were detailed enough to convey the vision effectively to the client

Annabelle Retail Store Design
3D Plan/render of the exact furniture pieces on display, in their precise positions.

Design principles and solutions introduced:

The design of the shop needed to deliver a unique experience, one which allowed aspiration and imagination to become the driving force behind customer purchases.

Each furniture item required prominence and therefore a soft, neutral background was chosen for the flooring and internal walls. The flooring specifically, needed to be plain and versatile to a variety of colour schemes while being easily repairable.

The store’s electrical layout needed a flexible design which could accommodate any mood installation and its position.

With consumer psychology in mind, lighting needed to be installed in various parts of the space to create pockets of interest with the aim of enticing browsing patrons.

The nature of the store required a layout which would allow easy meandering through mini exhibitions, while also ensuring room for bigger furniture pieces to be showcased and given their own point of interest.

Additionally, as with any retail store, Annabelle’s needed clever storage and easy service positioning.

Retail Store Design
Front view of the completed Annabelle Shop in Whale Coast Mall

Interior Store Design
Photograph of the completed interior with a variety of interesting and welcoming displays.

Additional interesting problems encountered:

  • The signage’s technical design and solution

  • Temporary furniture installations

  • Developing the point of sales to be a functional and aesthetic showpiece on the shop floor

  • Meeting extremely rigorous regulations and standards of the Mall

Jaco Studio – Annabelle Store Design Hermanus

The project was completed on time for the Mall’s grand opening.

Since the opening, the store has become a very popular interior design and detailing destination for both interior decorating professionals and everyday homeowners.

The variety of scenes and settings found throughout the shop truly provide a unique and luxurious shopping experience, and Jaco Studio is proud to have been part of the project.

I’m always up for a challenge, contact us for more information about how we can help bring your architectural design dreams to life.

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