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Social Security Commission in Namibia – Architectural Projects with Jaco Studio

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Project: Social Security Commission Head Office

Location: Oshakati, Northern Namibia

Client: Namibian Social Security Commission

Completion: September 2015

Principal Agent Project for Social Security Commission in Namibia

The Social Security Commission project in Namibia was easily one of the most challenging architectural projects I have taken on to date.

This project was remarkable in size and required the involvement of various contractors from all over the world and, naturally, a hefty budget.

Image: Building main entrance.

Image: Building facades during planning phase

Architectural Projects by Jaco Studio

Due to the many different factors involved in such a large project, I was called on to be the principal agent on the job.

The challenge here was to effectively coordinate all parties and contractors involved to bring the project back in line with its allocated timeline and budget.

One of the biggest functional challenges I faced was dealing with a Chinese subcontractor known as China Jiangsu International, where a translator was required to communicate at all times.

Although this was quite a unique challenge, it didn’t discourage us from working closely together to finalize the project after approximately 18 months.

Interior Architecture

The layout and orientation of this building is functional and perfectly suited to its application, providing the space for a major archive used to hold valuable, sensitive and confidential information.

I was given the opportunity to witness specialist contactors install a very complex fire prevention systems to avoid having this important information destroyed in the event of a fire.

In addition, I worked alongside the relevant contractors and technicians responsible for the installation of highly advanced heating and cooling systems as well as lightning protection systems, due to the high volume of lightning in this particular area of the country.

Lastly, this project allowed me to learn about essential and non-essential electrical systems which were installed throughout the building.

Image: Interior view towards an internal corridor.

Personal Challenges

As with any project, there were some first-time challenges and unfamiliar hurdles that I was faced with throughout the completion of the project.

However, I welcome these challenges as they help me improve my skills and expand my expertise and offerings.

I was faced with the task of working as a senior principal agent in a highly complex and challenging environment and on a project that required efficient management and coordination.

Another challenge was being put in control of specifications, design and quality control of the entire building and all its external and internal areas.

One of the most interesting parts about this project was seeing how high-level security and access control systems are put into place in order to secure and protect the contents of the archives.

Jaco Studio – Architectural Projects Around the World

Although this was one of the most challenging projects I have been involved in, I was able to overcome every difficulty I was faced with.

Through this, I was able to learn about various systems and protocols that I haven’t been exposed to before and I now know more about these areas of construction.

It was an honor working with every contractor involved in this project, both local and international, and I look forward to working closely with them in the future on many more large projects such as this one.

If you would like to find out more about my broad range of services, or with assistance you’re your architectural projects, please feel free to contact me.

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