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Arrival to an Overberg family farmhouse

The De Wet family requested additions and alterations to their farm house, located between Caledon and Riviersonderend.

The primary request was to develop a large new entertainment area which can accommodate a variety of ways to relax and enjoy the extensive views over the farmlands.

Front view of the house after completion.


Construct additional floors and walls to create the new entertainment room.

Internal arrangements to link the kitchen to a new dining room.

Large windows to allow natural light into the house throughout the day.

Give the house a classic facade, yet challenge the norm through a few design touches.

Enlarge the existing patio and add placed to relax outside in both shaded and non shaded areas.

Allow for extensive planter boxes and garden areas for landscaping.

Make the house stand out as a sculpture among the other farm yard buildings.

Overall house to receive new roof sheeting and general maintenance.

New front elevation of the house.


Extending the existing patio with a few meters, and demolish dilapidated structures, to make space for the new large enclosed room.

Break a few openings in the old farmhouse walls to allow effortless movement between the kitchen and living spaces.

For the windows, a local master carpenter was appointed to make custom timber sliding windows and doors, to compliment the cape dutch design details already existing on the house.

To give the house a more predominant presence on the site, a vertical gable wall entrance cover was symmetrically added to the front facade. At the base of the tower element is a fairing staircase  which radiates a sense of invitation and arrival.

Timber shading structure over the patio.

A view of the renovated house sitting proud within its setting.

Construction photos

Photo comparison during and after construction.

The new enlarged entertainment room under construction.

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