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Cozy house between mountain and sea

Project: New house

Location: Hermanus South Africa

Project designed: 2018

Project construction: 2020

This project will always be remembered as one of the most enjoyable project I ever worked on.

The client allowed free inputs and control over the design of the house, after providing her basic brief, a list of special requirements, as well as, a open minded and collaborative attitude.

Site characteristics:

Open site within a semi dense, up-market residential zone

The site links to the back of the family’s existing holiday home.

Northern view includes uninterrupted sunlight and a stunning mountain view

Client requested:

A comfortable 2-bedroom freestanding living unit

Wheel chair access

Functional and spacious family and entertainment room

Design principles applied through design:

Link this ‘cottage ‘ unit to the main house with a courtyard

Get the most out of the undesired N-S site alignment

Create a large family room orientated towards the ocean

House design provide definitive realms of privacy

Internal courtyard allows light to the building centre

The building feels connected to the street, unhindered by walls and fences

Security measures incorporated into the design aesthetic, via slider screens.

What made this project even more joyful, was the co-operation of the professional consultants and contractors.

After the approval by the local municipality at the end of 2018, the project have been put on hold until January 2020.

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