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Desert Farm House Alterations

This project is located in Grunau, Namibia, where the client had a particular wish list for their house. What made this client special is that she could explain her wish list through describing emotional states and interactions between friends and family, rather than label a rooms or listing objects to fulfill a spacial quality or activity.

Exterior view of the proposed design.


Uplift the overall look and feel of the house

Re-arrange internal layout to accommodate guests in semi-separate rooms

Allow for covered sleeping outside in hottest months of the year

Allow for effective natural ventilation through the house

Allow sunlight to penetrate deep into the building

Develop an overall improved layout and realms of privacy

3D Plan view or the internal re-arrangement.


The solid mundane facades were punctured with several large openings and setting back a new room exterior wall, to create small, private and shaded balconies for each bedroom.

Internal walls were demolished in order to straighten and widen the internal corridor. This corridor then received large window or door openings at each end, to allow a constant air flow through the whole house.

The bedrooms have been completely re-arranged, with new joinery and aesthetic touches. Some bedrooms received their own in-suite bathrooms, whilst others have double doors straight onto their Private patios. Through these double doors, a bed can be wheeled in order for anybody to sleep outside on a private, yet covered outside patio.

The kitchen and scullery have been completely redesigned, with smaller walls between living spaces demolished, in order to create a large open plan family room. This family room is then further extended with a new shaded patio for large family gatherings.

The orientation and design of this patio, allows the user to enjoy extensive views of the natural landscape, whilst being protected from the sun, rain and dominating winds.

3D View of the spatial link created between the internal and external family rooms.

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