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Project date 2014-2019

This project included the design of an upmarket residential unit, as a template for a series of eight units, which will be developed as part of the new Friedenhau Eco Estate in Namibia.

The project began back in 2014 when Jaco Studio was requested to develop the first concepts. From then until 2019, the projects have taken many interesting turns, which has resulted in a fantastic end product.

An aerial view of the proposed residential unit within a dry season landscape.

The project provided unique challenges such as providing optimum luxuries within the arid terrain, whilst minimizing energy use and disturbance to the natural environment.

The following information and graphics are selected extracts from the larger project design brochure.

Unparalleled lifestyle quality in the heart of Africa's finest highlands -

The secluded Hochland Nest & Friedenhau Eco Estate concept.

Residential architecture, which strives towards harmony among nature, man, structure and technology.

Namibia - a country so stunning it leaves you speechless.

Set in the heart of Khomas Hochland, an arid and rocky region of Namibia, lies a pristine place of tranquillity called Friedenau. It is here that Friedenau Eco Estate tucks itself into the natural landscape, only a short drive outside the capital city of Windhoek.

The Eco Estate spreads out over rolling hills, covering 83 Hectares. Rolling hills and valleys are focused onto the Friedenau Dam, is only 40 minutes by road, but the peace and tranquility will make you feel remote.

Aerial view diagram showing the properties in relation to the dam.

Friedenau Eco Estate provides a unique place where nature and design blends together to create a romantic setting for the celebration of life in the outdoors.

3D Plan of the house layout, highlighting various features.

Design characteristics include

  • Seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Clear distinction between private and public realms.

  • Ample natural lighting into each internal space.

  • Use of natural materials in the primary structure.

  • Application of natural materials as a final finish.

  • Obscure installation of renewable energy system.

  • Provision of intelligent home automation systems.

  • Effective cross ventilation design implementations.

View from the spa room.

Further architectural qualities are achieved

  • Serves as a place of comfort.

  • Intuitive play between structural solid and void.

  • Mindful application of scale and footprint.

  • Immersed into the natural environment.

  • Provides endless views of the extensive dam and surrounding highlands.

  • Allows close contact with plants and life.

  • Building grows from the rugged terrain.

3D Render of the house within the landscape.

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