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Maerua Mall - African Architectural Projects

Project: Additions and alterations to Maerua Mall

Location: Windhoek

Collaboration: DLH Namibia

Project timeline: April 2016 - February 2018

Since the early 90’s, Maerua Mall has been one of the shopping hot spots in Namibia. However, in 2014, construction on the biggest mall in Namibia began in Kleine Kuppe, on the Southern edge of Windhoek.

Naturally, the competition of the new development worried the company who own Maerua Mall. This led to a multi-million-dollar renovation between 2012 to 2014 where the whole building was renovated, only to end up with a dull white box of a mall.

In 2015, their competition The Grove Mall, opened its doors, and consequently the passages in Maerua Mall started to empty.

DLH and JacoStudio were then brought in by Maerua Mall, with the aim to create a design that would bring back life to the once celebrated mall.


Our brief was to develop a strategy that would lure back shoppers using intuitive design as well as detailing of the shared spaces found throughout the mall.

Architectural Design Solutions Proposed:


Revitalize the existing food court areas and provide an additional level for seating and gathering. To optimise on space, while creating edge the additional level would be floating in the largest triple volume space of the mall.


All corridors to be re-furnished with a striking ceiling design, which aims to guide the shopper through the corridors, between points of interest.


The design solutions included the strategic play between thousands of light and timber elements.

These elements were introduced in various methods which highlighted horizontal and vertical lines throughout the spaces.

The end of each corridor was made to feel like an important node of activity, whilst the wide variety in installations allowed for an improved sense of orientation.

Design Project Result

Even though the renovation took longer than initially expected, the work was completed in early 2017. The result fulfilled the desired outcome, as the passages refilled with customers, and the shop vacancies disappeared completely.

Maerua Mall now remains a leading shopping mall in Windhoek.

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