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Avani International Hotel Group Namibia

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Client: Avani International Hotel Group

Collaboration: DLH Namibia

Project timeline: December 2016 - February 2019

The Old Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino in Windhoek City Centre was recently purchased by the Avani International Hotel Group, with the intent to redesign and modernise the hotel.

The hotel redesign project entailed the overall renovation of the whole hotel. The initial step was to start with the spaces open to the public.

Overall design and interior notes:

The client group desired a high-end, up-market final product, which could compete with the Hilton Hotel chain found worldwide.

The layout design on the three-floors allowed for first, effective servicing which remained hidden from public view.

Finishes, Colour Palette and Lighting Aspects

The interior spaces are fitted with a selection of contemporary finishes to express exclusivity and luxury.

The overall colour palette features polished concrete and timber, juxtaposed by aged bronze and matt polished golden metals.

Lighting and lighting features also play a huge role in demarcating places of interest, places of movement and places to pause.

The buildings’ point of entrance on street level is well defined through the use dark colours and large overhangs. The ground floor bistro and bar serve freshly pre-made health snacks to relaxing customers, scattered on deluxe furniture.

The space flows into the street through additional access doors and extensive glazing.

The hotel reception counter cannot be missed, and the long corridor down towards the lift feels welcoming and secretive.

The first floor, being a collection of gathering spaces to both public and guest, becomes a sanctuary from the chaotic city outside. The spaces have almost no windows, and the low-lit elegant interiors adds to the sense of timelessness. This naturally sets off a pleasant sense of seclusion leading to the casino entrance.

The roof level is open to the public, and has a restaurant, bar, pool and deck to host them. Additionally, this floor also contains a large banquette area. The whole floor enjoys a panoramic view of the city along all facades, and with Windhoek having desert climate, nearly every day is a sunny day.

Project’s Architectural Design Elements

Ground floor

The first floor was repurposed and became a street-front restaurant with free access to the public.

First floor Restaurant

The first-floor restaurant was partially revamped and 3 high-end upmarket conference areas were added to the floor.

Additionally, a new entrance to the casino was created.

Top floor

The top-floor was completely revamped, adding a restaurant and kitchen, a pool, outside patios and a large conference/ banquette hall.

The above-mentioned hotel redesign was completed in February 2018.

Jaco Studio - Architectural Design

Working on projects such as the revamp of the Old Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino allowed for creativity and thinking “out of box” while still working with the original structure of the building.

Deciding to modernise the interior of a building is in some cases more cost-effective. Working with existing architecture removes the costs of building from the ground up, and when layout design allows for it, businesses are also able to continue with day-to-day running while the revamp happens in the background.

Jaco Studio has worked on several hotel design and redesign projects. From hotel building plans and designs to unique interior architectural drawings, we have experience across the field.

Contact us for more information about our services and how we can enhance your large or small hotel architecture design.

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