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Unique & Modern Coffee Shop Design by Jaco Studio

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Project: Namibia University of Science and Technology

Location: Namibia

Collaboration: Ono Angula

Project timeline: March – May 2016

Canteen Redesign Concept

The idea was to reinvent a space and create a vibrant, welcoming canteen where students felt comfortable enough to study, socialise or relax while enjoying readily available, healthy snacks.

Redesign Challenges

With every project comes unique challenges.

The challenge in this redesign was to work with a space that had no access to natural light. This required out of the box thinking in order to find a way to enhance the space without letting the lack of natural light affect the atmosphere intended for the canteen.

Modern Coffee Shop Design

We combatted this challenge by incorporating active walls along the edges and tucking the service counter and kitchenette neatly into one of the corners, creating space without obstructing access to the counter.

The space also has a very high vertical character, so ceiling elements were used to create a strong sense of height and elegance while also creating an uncluttered sense of enclosure and comfort.

Finishing touches such as chalk boards, idea boards, notice boards, menu boards and cutlery were added to the canteen areas, along with warmly toned wooden furniture.

These elements are simple features which aim to further encapsulate the feeling of ultimate student comfort.

Jaco Studio – Unique Architectural Designs

The long-term plan for this design was to create a modular package which can easily be reapplied in many universities and even schools, without needing too many complicated adjustments.

Using the client’s reference images to create a vision board, Jaco Studio was able to reinvent the concept to achieve the goal effectively and efficiently. This was done by adding unique yet functional elements that had not been previously considered.

These types of redesign projects allow the creative thought process to flow effortlessly. Challenges encourage me to apply my accumulative skills and knowledge in ways that are fresh, inventive and inspiring.

The year 2020 has so much instore for Jaco Studio.

Cheers to cool, new, unique projects and clients while discovering more of the world.

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